Monopoly Ultimate Banking
The most real Monopoly ever.

Role: Art Director, UX/UI designer

Unpredictable collapses and unexpected increases of the estate values. New chances and community chest cards. Credit cards and electronic POS.
Monopoly Ultimate Banking offers a gaming experience more actual than classic version of the game. It's the most realistic Monopoly of all time.
Starting from this, DOING creates an activation to launch the product: Ultimate Estate.

In Milan, a real estate agency proposes prestigious apartments at affordable prices. An irresistible attraction for people hooked by announcements spreads around the city.
There's just one little detail: affordable prices depends on chance or community chest. Just like in the game.
Know how people reacted.

On field activation
On field activation

The activation has been supported by an online platform where people have the chance to win the game.

Landing on the mini-site and loggin in with Facebook account, users can challenge their friends.
How? Finding the best business through the real estate agency purposes.

As the activation, in fact, every announcement reveal a chance or community chest that define or change business value.

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